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During the past few years, blogs have gained momentum as one of the most popular sources of information on the Web. Big D Creative can provide custom blog design and also work with sites like Blogspot and WordPress that provide hosted blog templates.

Blogs can be created within virtually any budget. The fees usually depend on the amount of art time and html customization involved. The ideal scenario is that your blog fit within your web site and appear and function as one of your existing pages.

Since you're reading this page, you probably understand the importance, convenience and viral nature of blogging. It's a great way to provide updated information to your customers and potential customers, while also providing a source of valuable pages for search engines. Many of our clients have blog pages that appear high in search engine rankings and report some of the best traffic statistics from their blog pages. Blogs tend to contain a lot of fresh content loaded with valuable keywords... a quality that Google likes.

You will find our blog design turnaround time to be very short and our fees to be very low. We can normally design, code and implement your blog into your website within a matter of days. The training process for posting and managing your blog is relateively easy.

To discuss or receive a quote for your blog project, please complete the quote form on this page or contact us by phone.


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