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Dallas Voiceover Services - Big D Creative

Make an impact with your Video, Audio, Flash, On-Hold, PowerPoint or other media presentation by adding a professional voiceover. An appropriate voice and professionally produced, crisp audio track can turn a bland promotion into a stirring, emotional sales tool and ultimately resulting in a higher return on your overall investment into the piece.   

Paying too much in on-air commercial fees? We have a strategic partner who'd love to help you negotiate down those high rates. You'll be shocked at what they can do for you. Give us a call and we'd be happy to get you in contact with them.

Our voiceover talent will can deliver the voiceover work in .wav, .mp3 or other file type. We upload the completed voiceover file for you and make it accessible from any location, regardless of where you are around the world.

Big D Creative provides voiceover quotes based on the script's word count and estimated time to produce. We complete voiceover work within 72 hours and, in emergencies, within 24 hours.

The samples below are from each of our voiceover personalities. Our talent is flexible and experienced, but the samples should give you confidence that our talent can be a perfect match for your project.

To discuss or receive a quote for your next printing project, please complete the quote form on this page or contact us by phone.


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