E-Commerce Websites

Is it time to revamp your e-commerce site? Are you looking to get into the e-commerce world for the first time? Big D Creative offers a full suite of e-commerce web development services that take you from concept to implementation and beyond.

As we discuss your company’s e-commerce goals, we’ll touch on a variety of tools that will combine unique responsive design ideas with traditional user needs like search bars, product descriptions, graphics, and easy-to-use menus.

Like any other website, an e-commerce site must adhere to standard design rules while offering your customers a straightforward, secure, and pleasant transaction. Read on to discover what an e-commerce site needs for success in a crowded online marketplace.

If you’ve used traditional banner advertisements in the past, you know that the conversion rate for various Internet marketing projects tends to be fairly slim. Sometimes, it’s tough to get more than a few percent of your newsletter recipients to open an email.

Thousands of people may see your company’s banner advertisement, but how many will actually click on the banner and complete a transaction or remain on the target website for any more than a few seconds?

As we design your e-commerce website, one of our primary focuses will be creating the best user experience possible, which will translate into successful conversions. What are some of the ways you can increase sales?

Consider: Successful e-commerce web design isn’t just designing a great shopping cart.

One of the simplest ways we can increase sales is by making it easy for your customers to find what they want with a search bar. This requires smart web development and user-friendly web design, and we’re experts in each of these areas.

A site that encourages people to follow through with purchases also makes it easy to find products with a comprehensive search bar. And we’re not talking about a simple blank space that leads to a mess of unorganized results.

Your search bar should offer your customers suggestions as they type, and their search terms should be highlighted within the search results after they press “enter.” These features sound simple but think about the last time you performed a search on a website where your search results were poorly presented.

Did that search encourage you to explore the site, or did you quickly press the “back” button and go to another site?

You already know that professional photography makes your products and services look professional, but there’s more to a successful product page than a great photograph. For example, the price your customers see is almost as important as the photograph.

They don’t want to register to see a price, and they don’t want to wait until checkout to see how much their purchase might cost. When designing your product pages, we’ll make sure your customers don’t have to search for simple information like the price of your products, extra pictures, the description, and its specifics.

We’ll teach you the tricks that every successful e-commerce site uses including providing product reviews and listing related products on your pages. Our talented e-commerce website designers bring the experience of having developed hundreds of websites, and we know what works.

Now that you understand some of what’s required of a professional and successful e-commerce website, the process might seem a little overwhelming.

Can you truly provide absolutely everything your customers demand from a robust search option to comprehensive product pages and a secure yet simple shopping cart? You can with Big D Creative as your e-commerce web design company. Request your free quote, or call us today at 214.760.8862.