Mobile Friendly Websites

When was the last time your website was updated? Have you been using the same stock graphics and old designs for years? Have you checked what your website looks like on a mobile phone?

If you haven’t, now’s the time to talk to Big D Creative about mobile-friendly web design and how you’re missing out on sales, growth, and brand opportunities if you haven’t yet created a mobile-friendly website.

One of the tasks early web site designers used to do before finalizing a site was to check it on a variety of different web browsers. Remember Netscape? Opera? Mozilla?

Those were just a few of the browsers commonly used by web surfers in the past twenty years, and good web designers would make sure a website looked fantastic on every single one of them.

Today, that process has been replaced by making sure to conduct mobile-friendly web development while designing a website. Your website needs to shine whether someone’s looking at your products on a 27-inch HD computer monitor or a 5-inch iPhone screen.

The incredible growth of internet traffic through mobile devices is rising so fast that some people don’t even use desktops anymore. Just as many people have given up their land line to use a cell phone on an exclusive basis, the same can be said for many web surfers.

Some users don’t even have a desktop anymore. They use a smartphone and might use a tablet to access the internet.

The use of mobile devices to access the internet isn’t just a fad. According to recent data from Nielsen, adults in the United States have started spending more time using the internet on their mobile phones than the time spent on the internet through their PCs.

The average Internet denizen spent around 34 hours using mobile internet and just 27 hours using the internet from a PC. Although many of the hours users spent on their smartphones included use of apps rather than just the internet, there’s no doubt that these numbers will continue to change in the next several years.

Creating a web page for mobile devices is one of the most essential ways you can upgrade your web site today.

The word of the day in web development these days is “responsive,” and responsive web design is what we use to make sure your website is easy to use in any environment.

Links are easy to click whether you’re using a mouse, a stylus, or a tap of a finger. Pictures load smoothly to accommodate a giant screen or a small phablet. Text is always the right size no matter how many pixels are on your screen.

There are a few different ways to approach mobile device website design, and responsive web design is usually the path you want to take. However, there are other options, too.

One option is to create a completely separate site on a subdomain like “” Each time someone loads your website from a smartphone, they’re routed to the special mobile site.

Alternatively, you can also create an adaptable site where the width of the page dictates where the images, text, links, and everything else appears on the page.

There’s also the option of using dynamic serving where the URL of the page is static, but the server delivers a different website to the user based upon the device he or she is using to access the page. This is your responsive web design option.

Each time one of your customers accesses your old website from a smartphone and can’t click on links, read the text, or find basic information about your company, you’re losing the marketing battle against your competitors.

Let us help you take advantage of one of the many options for a mobile-friendly website. Did you know there are mobile-friendly websites in WordPress? We can create a user-friendly and beautiful website for your company that will look terrific on any device.

Let the skilled designers, programmers, and artists of Big D Creative take your web site to the next level with mobile-friendly web design. Request your free quote, or call us today at 214.760.8862.