Responsive Layout

If you have a website for your business and are aware of current design trends, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase, “responsive design.” What does this concept mean?

Well, it’s a method of website design that ensures your site looks good on any device a customer chooses to use, whether it’s a tablet, phablet, smartphone, or desktop computer.

Big D Creative will help you take advantage of this essential trend with our years of experience in web design, marketing, and programming.

Responsive design gives your customers the freedom to choose any device they want to access your website. It’s a hassle when you know a website isn’t going to cooperate if you decide to access the site through a smartphone.

Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by making it easy for them to interact with your company in any manner they choose.

Responsive web design can save you money in the long run because of how adaptable it makes your web site. Each year, manufacturers of consumer electronics come out with bigger, smaller, and better devices. There isn’t just a single size of computer monitor, and there isn’t just a single size of smartphone.

A responsive website means that it doesn’t matter what manufacturers come up with next. Your website can accommodate everything from wearable tech (like the Apple watch) to a gigantic HDTV screen that’s got a 70-inch diagonal display size.

If you’re not yet convinced that responsive design is the way to go, here are just a few of the advantages you’ll see when your website is redesigned to accommodate all users.

With responsive design, your customers can flip their smartphone in any direction they want, and the website will stretch and squeeze to accommodate their every whim.

Responsive design allows your visitors to read all content on your website, even if they're on a smartphone. Before responsive design became popular, many mobile-friendly websites featured only a fraction of the full website's content.

Responsive design means every visitor sees the entire website no matter what device they're using.

One of the biggest hassles on any website is scrolling from side to side to read paragraphs or look at media. Responsive design means no side scrolling and a much more pleasant web surfing experience.

The hassle of side scrolling isn't just a problem for mobile users. Tablet and phablet users often find the need to swipe a website in every direction, just to see its edges. Responsive design ensures an agreeable experience for every visitor.

Paying attention to what Google recommends as a best practice is important for creating an SEO-friendly site.

The value of responsive web design for your SEO efforts can't be stressed enough. Did you know that Google will prioritize sites that feature mobile-optimized content for web surfers who use a mobile phone to look at search results?

When tracking your web site's success, one of the statistics you'll examine is the number of visitors. Another essential statistic is how long each of your visitors remains on your site.

When you use responsive design and provide users with a full, mobile-optimized website, they're more likely to remain on your pages.

By using responsive design, you don't need to use a separate URL to direct visitors to your mobile-dedicated website.

Although it's not really that difficult to remember to put an "m" at the front of a web site to view the mobile version, it can still create some hassles. Consider when someone shares a link on social media from a mobile website.

Their friends who click the link from a desktop may see the mobile site, which won't look particularly slick on a large desktop. Responsive design eliminates these potential snafus.

Responsive design is a new and vital trend in website design, and our experience with this essential web site programming option ensures each facet of your web site looks exceptional on absolutely any device.

With help from Big D Creative, you can ensure your traditional website visitors see an exceptional site when they access your company on a desktop, and you'll also satisfy users who are ahead of the curve and relying fully on their smartphones for surfing the internet.

We’re here to help you lighten your load and develop the website your brand deserves. We would love to meet you and hear more about your business’ vision. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.