Do you know a little HTML? Do you consider yourself web-savvy? Have you made a basic website for your business just to get your foot in the door? Maybe it’s time to utilize a professional web design and programming firm in Dallas to upgrade your web presence.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your company’s evolution with a website that takes advantage of current programming trends, you’ll want to work with the talented programmers at Big D Creative.

When we talk about web development, one of the most important steps of the process is the creation of the website’s features using current programming languages.

The website your customers see when they visit your website uses programming languages like JavaScript and HTML. However, there are also several languages used on the “server-side,” including Python, Java, C, C++ and Perl, and these languages perform some fairly complex functions.

For example, imagine you want to include a form on your website where customers can send you messages. This feature requires programming language that displays the form your customers see on your website.

The form also requires using a different programming language for the location on your server where the form’s information will be sent after submission.

Were you web-savvy in the 1990s? Do you remember the simple websites that featured a few pictures, some text, and a glittery counter at the bottom of the page that showed how many visitors a site had received? Websites are a little more complicated these days, right?

When we say “programming language,” we’re talking about letters, numbers, and symbols that give instructions to computers. Fortunately, you don’t have to take a crash course in programming languages to create a user-friendly website. That’s our job.

As you explore different options for your website, you might hear about these different programming languages, and how they’re used in mobile-friendly websites and to create responsive design websites.

Because of the popularity of using a smartphone to access the internet, mobile-friendly website are an essential component of your Internet presence, and these websites require work with programming languages that go beyond HTML.

However, complicating matters is the fact that you won’t see just one programming language used to construct a website. SEO-friendly websites still feature elements of HTML while also using languages like PHP and MYSQL for the website databases, particularly when responsive design is in play.

Further, programming languages are also used for creating mobile applications for your customers. Maybe you want to go further than a mobile-friendly website. Perhaps it’s time to create an “app for that” to get your customers invested in your personal brand.

We’ll use our knowledge of current programming trends to help you get your customers interested, involved, and engaged with your business.

There’s no doubt that we’ve come an incredibly long way with programming and standard website features since those early days. Web development programming has become a rather complex beast where the “next big thing” is always on the horizon.

As we work to create your website, we’ll need to answer some simple questions to decide which programming language will suit your needs best. For example, your budget and the database we’ll use on the backend will influence our web design programming decisions.

A variety of challenges exist as far as ensuring your web site is palatable on a large computer screen, as well as a tiny smartphone screen. For example, one of the simplest considerations is how links might be presented. For a desktop web surfer, the user will probably employ a mouse to click links.

On the other hand, that same user would probably use a finger tap to click a link on a smartphone. When programming a website to accommodate responsive design, one of the features to consider is how that link will need to be presented in mobile format. Perhaps the font for the link will be larger for mobile users or maybe we’ll use a button to make it easier to “click” with a tap of a finger.

We’ve spent years studying current programming trends and applying them to our websites, and we can help you take advantage of essential components for your new website. Let Big D Creative handle the web development programming so you can focus on your company’s products and services.